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Save Time.
Find More Deductions.

Join over 250,000 small businesses and individuals using Easy Expense to find an additional $14,650 in deductions (on average).
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Receipt scanner to save you time

Easy Expense uses advanced image processing and AI to extract key fields like vendor, category, tax, total and payment method.
Works offline; perfect for use on-the-go
Fastest way to capture, crop and track receipts
Never lose a receipt with auto cloud sync
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Automatically track expenses from credit cards and bank accounts

Easy Expense links with your financial accounts to automatically scan up to 18 months of transactions for expenses and tax write-offs.
Over 12,000 banks from US & Canada
Smart auto categorization to maximize deductions
Bulk review transactions
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Track expenses together

Inviting other users to your workspace makes expense tracking for teams and businesses a breeze.
Syncs between users in real time
Employees love how simple we are to use
User permissions, easily limit who can see relevant information
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Over 10,000 Five Star Reviews

I've been using this app for the last 3 months to keep track of my business expenses for tax purposes. I have zero complaints and I'm very thankful for the tool. The ease of capturing receipts or uploading pdf or screenshot invoices has given me SO much peace of mind. Wish I used it last year. It would have made doing my taxes so much quicker and easier
Tiffany Kampmann
April 15, 2022
Honestly this is an amazing app for anybody struggling to manually keep up with their expenses, that be personal or business related. It has a very interesting feature that allows you to take pictures of your receipts and automatically uploads them for you. You can even link your bank account for all your credit card or debit card and automatically have expenses updated on the app into whatever category that purchase falls under. Amazing app couldn't recommend more!!
Kirstopher W. Thorpe
‍‍April 4, 2021
It scans the receipts of the business expenses and automatically recognize the store name and total amount, it is really good tool, it is easy to use, never hangs or any issues, better the complex quicken books or other competitors. It is very useful when IRS asks for receipts of the business expenses. I love it
Jithendra Myla
September 2, 2021
So far, it's the best. I just started using the app and I've tried at least 8 or 9 other apps . This was the only one the had a reasonable accurate scan for dollars and vendor. It allows for notes on each transaction and to assign each to a report. Most other apps limits the scans and takes a long time to scan. This app is also multi platforms with web app and am apple version. I will definitely buy a subscription if it continues to impress
David Boucher
February 22, 2021
First few scans look amazing. The OCR is exactly what I was after. Not only was the app 90% accurate (save for a few misidentified numbers that could easily be rectified) but it nearly always identified the type of vendor, the receipt type, and the purchase date. It's also amazing that it can export to an itemized report for easy use in other tools. Five stars!
David Reilly
November 1, 2020
Just started using this app and seems to tick all the boxes for me. I wanted something that can capture a backup image of receipts, automatically read and record the amounts, and then populate a spreadsheet with all my expenses. This does it all! I've tried a few other apps that claim to provide these features yet fall short... Easy Expense actually delivers in all these aspects, and on a very user friendly platform!! 👍
Tim Spano
March 27, 2021
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