Frequently Asked Questions

What is Easy Expense?

Easy Expense is a mobile app that helps you managing your expenses in convenient and efficient way.

How can I get Easy Expense?

Easy Expense is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What can I do with Easy Expense?

You can track your expenses in efficient and convenient way. Either by scanning a paper receipt or connecting your bank account and getting credit card transactions. Each expense can be customized. In addition you can create a report to group multiple expenses.

Can I see the summary of my expenses?

Yes. You can see how much was spent during a certain period - year, quarter, month. You can also assign each expense to a report and share / download report PDF.

Can I attach reciepts to my expenses?

Yes. You can attach images to each expense and view them later.

Can I track my trips (mileage) as an expense item?

Yes. You can create a mileage report, specifying the trip details and the associated miles, gas and tolls expenses

Can I scan and store my paper receipts?

Yes. The app has a built-in AI technology that recognizes expense details from receipt image. Receipts images are stored for reference and reporting.

Can I see all my receipts?

Yes. All your receipts are saved to your phone. Also, you can create a PDF report with receipt images attached and share it via email.

How can I share my expenses?

There are various way you can share your expenses. You can download a PDF of report with multiple expenses, share the report via a public link, email the report.

Can I download all my receipts and expenses?

Yes. You download all your expenses with or without receipts as a ZIP archive using our web app.

Can I import expenses in bulk?

Yes. You can import CSV file with your expenses, generated by other expenses tracking apps. Please follow the instructions for importing expenses from CSV files.

Is it a good alternative to Numreceipts? Can I migrate all my expenses from Numreceipts?

You can migrate your expenses from Numreceipts by using our CSV import functionality. Please follow the instructions for generating and importing compatible CSV files.

Can I atomatically fetch my bank transactions?

Yes. You can connect your bank account in order to fetch transactions and create expense items from your bank or credit card transactions.

Is my data backed up?

Yes. All your data is synced to cloud storage. You can access it from different devices at any time.

Is It Secure?

Yes. We use the same encryption technology that is used by banks and financial institutions. Our servers and your data are hosted on top-tier cloud providers and we use industry's best tools to operate the app in secure manner.

What about data privacy?

Your data belongs to you. The data is only accessible using your signup credentials. We do not share your personal data with 3rd parties. We do use anonymized aggregative data to improve the service we provide. Privacy Policy.