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Automate your Expense Tracking

Automated Tracking Saves You Time

AI-powered scanning

Snap a picture of your receipts to instantly extract vendor, tax, and expense information.

Link your Credit Cards

Add credit cards and other accounts and your expenses will be tracked automatically.

Intelligent Mileage Tracking

Automatically calculate trip distances with the tap of a button, or customize your trips for more control.

Tools to Save You Money

Maximize deductions

Our smart categories will help you find deductible expenses and maximize your tax refund.

Professional Reports

Group and share your expenses in reports for reimbursement or project tracking.

Export anytime

Generate PDF and CSV exports for your tax and accounting needs.

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People Love Easy Expense

4.8 star rating from 3000+ reviews

"This app is exactly what I was looking for! It is PERFECT for logging expenses. The receipt scan is seamless and reads GREAT, even when the receipt is faded. I'm very impressed. This will definitely help me keep track of my expenses!"

Alexa Warden - May 2020

"I downloaded several receipt apps and I found Receipt scanner by far the easiiiest to navigate and would highly recommend to anyone especially those with little accounting knowledge and poor organization like me I finally feel im on the road to a more organized me."

Glen Lucas - April 2020

"The app has always worked perfectly, however, I suggested some additional functionality and was surprised to receive a response to my email within minutes. Just two days later I've been contacted and notified that the mods have been made and the update available. I immediately tried it, and all has been done perfectly. Thank you for your efforts."

Iuan Gray - April 2020